Videos of Iran

What are some of the things you can see and do in Iran?

Take a moment or two and watch these videos we have found about all the interesting things to see while traveling in Iran.

The first two sets of videos are all about Persian food and cooking, The first set is from American chef and bestselling author Anthony Bourdain and the second is from from a local Iranian food blogger at MUNCHIES.

Next we have Rick Steves’ wonderful Iran travel series and finally we have tried to find videos about the 21 World Heritage (UNESCO) sites located in modern day Iran.

Note to Visitors: We understand that a majority of these videos were produced in Iran for publicity purposes.  However since few western camera crews have equal access, and we have searched for videos that had both high-quality images and English speaking hosts, the ones below were the best available.

Our Most Popular Videos


Anthony Bourdain’s Part Unknown: Iran


MUNCHIES Guide to Tehran, Iran


Rick Steves’ Iran Travel Videos


World Heritage (UNESCO) sites in Iran

(Coming Soon)

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