Iran Tour Booking Process

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How to Book a Luxury Tour to Iran with Us

  • Now to request a tour package either call us at 1-984-202-5958 or fill out the “Book a Tour by Email” request form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you back as soon as we get it. Please make sure that you give us a phone number and the best time of day to call you back along with your best email address!
  • Mail us a check or money order to our postal address below:
    Dept: ILT
    Steve Kutay
    1848 Torrington St.
    Raleigh, NC 27615
  • Once we receive your deposit, you need to continue your tour planning process by downloading and filling out the “Get the Reference Number” application form here > reference application form.
  • Before we can begin the process of creating your custom tour, you MUST send us your Reference number application form. (See address above). As the tour operator, it is critical that we have this form to obtain an official reference number from the Iranian government for your visit BEFORE you can apply for an Iranian visa.
  • When we receive your reference number back from the Iranian government, we will let you know and then you can start work on your Iran Visa Application. Download the visa application here > link to Iran visa form pdf.
  • After we have created your tour package and adjusted for any scheduling conflicts, you can now mail in your Iranian visa application. Click to see the address for the Iranian Embassy where you should mail in your visa > how to get a Iranian visa.
  • This delay is required because all visas have to issued with a specific arrival date and ALL tour members have to be certain that they can make arrangements to arrive in Iran on that exact date!
  • Once you get your Iran Visa, please contact us so we can confirm the details and schedule your tour with our Iranian tour guides. Don’t forget that your final tour payment is due at this time!
  • But you don’t have worry about feeling “abandoned.” We will stay in constant contact with you during this entire process! We are always available to answer any of your questions and quickly solve any problems that might arise.
  • That’s it! Once we schedule your tour, all you have to do is start packing and arranging your air travel to Iran!


Ready to Book Your Iran Luxury Tour Today?

Either call us at 1-984-202-5958 or fill out the form below:
Book a Tour by E-mail and we will contact you back right back!

Please click the “Add to Cart” button below to pay your deposit ($500/per person)…

Important Notes: What will happen once you click the “Add to Cart” button?
First, you will taken immediately to our “Iran Luxury Travel Shopping Cart” page. On this page you can add more people to your tour group if needed. Look for the text box just below “Quantity.”

To add more people to your group, simply type in the number you want and then click “Update” (to the right of the text box). If you make a mistake, you can easily click “Remove” to change the quantity.

After you have clicked “Update”, you should now see your new, updated deposit total. For example for 2 people you will see $1,000.00, etc. Once you have added everyone to your tour group, please click the oval “Check out with PayPal” button – on the far right.

Now you will be taken to the PayPal payment page where you can fill in your credit card info or PayPal details. (You do NOT need a PayPal account and can pay with ANY credit card).

If by any chance, you are not able to get PayPal to work for you, please don’t tear your hair out. Just email me or call 1-984-202-5618 for help.

View our tour package terms and conditions here.

3 thoughts on “Iran Tour Booking Process

  1. David Thoenen

    I am considering visiting Iran. Your tours look very interesting. But is it legal, considering the sanctions, for you to sell tours to Iran and is it legal for me to buy one?

    1. Pat & Steve K. Post author

      David , thanks for your comment. There are absolutely no restrictions on the part of the U.S. on tours to Iran. Such organizations as the NY Times and the Metropolitan Museum of Art have been sponsoring tours for quite a while.
      The sanctions, which seem to be lessening now, do not come into play.
      If you do decide that you are interested in traveling to Iran we are your best bet, since we offer private tours at prices lower than other people offer group tours.

  2. Bernadine Platen-Hallermund

    I am an American citizen living in Austria and would like to tour Iran with a group. Unfortunately, European travel agents only offer individual tours for American citizens, because they are obliged to observe certain restrictions for Americans, which they cannot provide. Is it possible for me to meet up with an American Group and travel with them?

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