“What about the hotels in Iran?”

steve-kutay (20)Are hotels guaranteed?

Hotels are not guaranteed. However, we will promise to book you into the very best hotels available in the towns you visit.

Availability of top hotels is a factor of when you visit – is it the most popular tourist season? – and how far in advance you book. That being said, Iranian hotels are quite nice and you will not be put into any inferior accommodations.

The hotels can range – from 5-star accommodations in the larger tourist cities, such as Shiraz and Isfahan, as well as in Tehran – to somewhat more modest accommodations in other cities. But you will find that the hotels are all quite nice, perhaps nicer than you might expect. Iran is a very developed country. You will not be traveling in a third-world environment.

keyboard2Is wi-fi available?

Almost every hotel has wi-fi. There may be 1 or 2 occasions when you might have to go down to the lobby to access it, but most places have it free and available in the rooms.