“Is it possible (or even practical) to travel by train in Iran?”

“Why travel by train in Iran?”

travel by train in IranRiding the rails has long held an allure for discriminating international travelers.  Our tours are designed for rail enthusiasts who are looking for first-class rail travel combined with the opportunity to see the most important historical sites of Iran.


Announcing Our Latest Tour

Travel by Train in Iran on the Persian Carpet Tour 


The Persian Carpet train tour incorporates both rail and road travel in an ambiance of full luxury. Rail travel offers a richer travel experience and provides you with some surprisingly practical advantages too.

City-to-City Service  
Trains go pretty much where you want to go, delivering you from the heart of one region to the heart of another. What could be more convenient? Our tour avoids overnight train travel as much as possible.

Hassle-Free Travel
Skip the tour buses and the tight seating of other group tours and instead treat yourself to spacious and comfortable seating, access to a dining car and many more thoughtful amenities onboard the train.

Room to Roam
Enjoy the spirit of traveling without the stress. Instead of being confined to a bus seat for your entire trip, a train lets you get up to stretch your legs and move around.

Full Service Amenities
Enjoy full onboard service with tea, coffee and snacks and depending on the train, they will even show movies on a HD screen.


Announcing Our Latest Tour

Travel by Train in Iran on the Persian Carpet Tour 

Travel by Train

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