Our Advantages

Travel through out Iran in Luxury

The Advantages of Traveling with Us


Iran Luxury Travel tours offers many advantages over other tour companies:


  1. Small, customized tours. We offer private tours for as few as two people (one couple!). Since there’s no large tour group to set the itinerary, you can choose when you want to leave, how long you want to stay and what you want to see.
  2. No cancellations. Some travel companies will cancel the trip if not enough people sign up for their tour group. Not us! When you book your tour with us, you can rest assured knowing you will go even if you two are the only ones on the tour.
  3. Complete concierge service. We offer concierge service on your trip, from beginning to end, airport to airport. When you arrive in Tehran, your English-speaking guide will meet you there and stay with you until you depart for home.
  4. Luxury accommodations. You’ll stay in the best hotels available in each city you visit. Often, that means 4-star and 5-star hotels. Your guide uses a driver with a private vehicle (not a bus).
  5. The best prices. You have no reason to travel in a group when you can travel on your own for less-than-group prices. Our custom-made, private tours for as few as two people start at $2995 per person. Our tour prices may be thousands of dollars lower than other travel companies’ group rates!
  6. Bring a group of six; you go for free. If you can bring together a group of six other people to go to Iran with you, then you can go for free. Our tours actually get less expensive per person with larger groups, so invite your friends, family or organization associates.

The Iran Luxury Travel Difference

An American-owned company, we only book tours to Iran. It’s not just our specialty; it’s all we do! We’ve stayed at or inspected almost every hotel in our itineraries. We offer them to you because we know you will find them as luxurious as we did. Our advantages translate into a superior trip with ease and comfort.

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You can take advantage of our personal experience in Iran. We can advise you what to bring with you and what to expect when you go. Need help designing your own tour? You can trust our first-hand experience and knowledge to direct you to the must-see sites, such as Isfahan and Shiraz, as well as to more off-the-beaten-track areas of the country. It all depends on your curiosity and sense of adventure.

Flexibility and Affordability

The greatest advantage of traveling to Iran with us is having your own private tour. You’re not subject to a fixed schedule of a large tour; in fact, you can modify your itinerary to suit your desires. Your only limit is how long you decide to stay. Once on the ground, you can stop when and where you want — to take photographs or just to stretch your legs. You can more easily meet and mingle with Iranians on our tours.

Since most flights arrive either late at night or early in the morning, you can tailor the early part of your tour so you can rest up from your flight. Some travelers may want to squeeze in as much as possible, while others may decide to ease into the tour. Choose what’s best for you.

See the beauty of modern Iran and discover the history of Ancient Persia for yourself. Call Iran Luxury Travel at 1-919-726-2044 or contact us online for more information on travel to Iran.

Organize a tour for six or more people and earn a free tour for yourself. Call for details today.