7 Activities You Can Cross Off your Bucket List by Visiting Iran

7 Activities You Can Cross Off your Bucket List by Visiting Iran

7 Activities You Can Tick Off your Bucket List by Visiting Iran
For many people, Iran probably isn’t the first place they think of when planning a holiday.
Perhaps they don’t know a lot about the country’s rich history and culture, stunning
landscapes, or that you can enjoy world-class winter sports here. Yes, in the Middle East!
We’re sure that a trip to Iran will be the most unforgettable holiday you could ever wish for
– for all the right reasons.
In this post, we’ll take a look at 7 of the coolest activities you can do in Iran. That should
make it as easy as possible to plan your holiday, and really make the most of this beautiful
See as many as 24 UNESCO World Heritage sites

Did you know that Iran has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than the USA? Once you
know it was the seat of the Persian Empire, it does make sense. One of the most famous,
Tehran’s Golestan Palace, exhibits intricate Persian architecture, mosaics, and ornate
furniture among many other things. However, get further off the beaten track to experience
the likes of Takht-e Soleiman and the cliff carvings of Bisotun.
Seeing all 24 might be a stretch, but if you take part in Iran Luxury Travel’s comprehensive tour
you will see 10 in just 16 days! Not bad, right?

See the ancient capital of Persia

Yes, Persepolis is a UNESCO World Heritage site too, but this one is so special, it deserves its
own section! This place was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire all the way back in the 5 th
century, constructed under the ruler Darius I. Although the city is in ruins and a shadow of
its former self, you can still explore the towering columns of what were once grand palaces
and climb the Gates of All Nations. This is not just one for architecture enthusiasts to tick off
their bucket list, it’s a must-visit when you travel to Iran!
You can incorporate a visit to Persepolis with 2 other nearby UNESCO World Heritage sites,
Pasargadae and Naghsh-E-Rostam from the next destination on our list.
Visit the hub of Persian Culture
So, you’ve visited the ancient capital of Persia, but what about the current day cultural
capital of Iran? Shiraz should be on every tourist’s bucket list. After all, it’s been a cultural
centre for 2 millennia. This magical city has long been the haunt of poets, authors, and
artists who have all been inspired by the city’s atmosphere, architecture, and people to
make their own masterpieces. Visit the stunning Eram Garden (would you believe it’s
another World Heritage site), explore the famous Pink Mosque, and see the tombs of some
of Persia’s most famous poets. One thing is for sure, you’ll leave Shiraz with a heavy heart!

Experience the delights of Tehran’s Grand Bazaar
Of all the places to visit in the capital Tehran, the Grand Bazaar will definitely give you an
experience of local life. It’s bustling, hectic, and if you go in the afternoon there’s every
chance you’ll be ran over by a piece of heavy equipment. Pick up souvenirs for family and
friends here, as you’re bound to find something in the 10km of lanes that make up this
historical and intriguing market.

Although there are several departments to the Grand Bazaar, we’d suggest trying some
traditional Iranian cuisine here. Dishes like Fesenjan and Ghormeh Sabzi are definitely worth
a try. If you’d prefer something that look a little more familiar, you can always sample a
delicious kebab!
Take advantage of some of the world’s best (and most surprising) winter sports!

When you think about a skiing holiday, the first places that naturally spring to mind are
surely the Alps or perhaps the Rocky Mountains. Although the Middle East is one of the
hottest and driest regions in the world, you only need to travel for two hours from the
capital city Tehran to enjoy world-class skiing!

The largest resort is Dizin, and because it’s so high up, ski season lasts from November till
May. That’s more than half a year of powdery snow! If that’s not enough, the views of the
surrounding landscapes from above the treeline are absolutely stunning.
Travel Iran in a comfortable and luxurious way
Group Tours are often the best way to see a country, especially if you don’t speak the
language or are unfamiliar with the infrastructure. However, buses and even cars can get

uncomfortable after a while. Happily, there’s a solution! Watch the jaw-dropping scenery
pass you by from the window of a train carriage, as you travel in comfort, style, and luxury.
You’ll spend 12 days aboard a first-class carriage having your every desire met by friendly
staff, as you travel to and from some of Iran’s most important historical sites.
Iran Luxury Travel offers not 1, not 2, but 3 once in a life time train experiences across Iran.

Get out into nature

As well as world-class skiing, Iran offers some of the best hiking in Asia. Did you know for
example, that the highest volcano in the whole of Asia is situated in Iran? You do now!
Mount Damavand offers some incredible hikes up to its snow-covered summit. That’s
probably more of a one for experienced hikers, but in the surrounding hills there are some
stunning treks too, that aren’t as tough on the legs! Another great hike is the Masuleh
waterfall in the north. The village is constantly draped in fog, but the feeling of isolation is
something that will stay with you… in a good way!
So, now that you’re packing your suitcase…
We hope that our list of the 7 things you can tick off your bucket list by visiting Iran has
inspired you to pick it as your next travel destination. So, get ready for welcoming

hospitality, excellent food, and the chance to see some of the world’s most incredible
historical sites.