Can Americans Tour Iran?

We have been telling a lot of people about Iran Luxury Travel and how easy it is to travel to Iran. When we first mention the idea of tours to Iran, I would estimate that 90% of the time the comment we hear is “I didn’t know that Americans were allowed to travel to Iran” or words to that effect. Well, apparently, the United States government does not care that much whether or not you want to tour Iran. They put absolutely no restrictions in your way and are not particularly interested in you when you clear customs and immigration when you get home. In that sense, travel to Iran is a lot easier than travelling to Cuba. For Cuba, you do need to get permission from a U.S. government agency, the Treasury Department.

So while it is true that the U.S. has economic sanctions in place against Iran, it is definitely not the case that the U.S. makes it hard for tourists to travel there. Of course, you do need a visa to go to Iran, but that is true for a large number of countries Americans travel to all the time, such as most African countries.

The second most common question that we get is something like “Is it safe to travel to Iran?” We feel Iran is an extremely safe country to visit. Many Americans still remember the Iran hostage crisis of 1979 and may think that something like may befall them if they visit Iran. Let’s bear in mind that the hostage crisis took place almost 50 years ago (hard to believe) and that the political climate is very different today. In fact, the most surprising part of our recent trip to Iran was how much Iranians seem to love Americans. Of course, they are not happy about the sanctions and this is understandable. But as far as your safety in Iran, there is very little need to worry. Obviously, if you decide to break their rules they won’t like it. This mainly consists of women covering their heads (although their hair can show freely) and not drinking alcohol.

If you are not prepared to do that, then you probably should not go. One more thing – there is virtually no street crime in Iran. In that sense, it is much safer for tourists than Western Europe, for example.