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On our homepage we announce the fact that anyone who organizes a group of at least 6 people will, in turn, have their own expenses paid on that same tour. We think that is a very good deal. As a matter of fact, Professor William Beeman, an Iran scholar at the University of Minnesota, is doing just that. He had written to friends and colleagues telling them about our tours of Iran. He actually did the same thing last June and wound up accompanying a small group to Iran.

In December he wrote again. This is what he wrote:

Dear Colleagues and Friends
Given the news it may seem counter-intuitive to consider travel to Iran this year, but in fact, Iran is one of the safest places to travel in the world. It has dozens of United Nations heritage sites, fantastic art and music and an enormously hospitable population that loves meeting Americans. The whole world travels to Iran. Only Americans seem to be hesitant. Accommodations are four and five star hotels on a completely international standard with superb food, wi-fi and cell phone service throughout the country, excellent hygiene and comfortable transportation.
If we can get a small group together–six or seven–we will conduct a study tour to Iran in late May–early June, leaving around May 20 and returning just before the beginning of Ramazan on June 4. The exact dates of the tour can be adjusted to meet the needs of the tour group. The tour operator will facilitate obtaining visas.
The tour, arranged by Iran Luxury Travel, is a fraction of the cost of other tours–half the cost of the sold-out NY Times tour. If we can get a group together, I will accompany the tour. These are custom tours for small groups. They can be tailored to the interests of the group, and are terrifically flexible. I went last year with a group of six and the participants found it one of the highlights of their lives.
Please let me know, and contact Steve Kutay <> if you are interested.
The website for Iran Luxury Travel with all the details is
The response to this letter was very positive and a group of around 10 people, plus Dr. Beeman, is scheduled to arrive in Iran on May 20. The group will have the added advantage of Dr. Beeman’s expertise on Iran available to them as they travel.
So if you are interested in planning a similar tour of Iran and feel you can organize a minimum of 6 people, not including yourself, please contact us for further details.
You do not have to be an academic or an Iran expert like Dr. Beeman. You only need to be able to network with people you know and be able to form a group.


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