How to Get a Visa for Iran

This post is aimed at Americans and other nationalities that require a visa to enter Iran. We at Iran Luxury Travel have had clients from several countries, such Brazil, Singapore and Portugal, that do not require visas to travel to Iran. But most of our clients are American and, unfortunately, they do need a visa. But the news is not all bad. The visa process is not at all difficult but it can be slow.

First, have a look at the section on our website that deals with getting a visa:

Iranian Visas

It does look a little daunting, but the fact is that we personally guide you through the process the whole way. In short, what happens is that you begin by filling out a very simple form:

Click to access ReferenceNumberForm.pdf

You can fill it out on our website. We then submit this form to the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran. What happens next is that you wait. Around 1 month before your departure for Iran you will be issued a visa number. Once you get that number you have basically been granted the visa. But when you get the number you must submit a second form, also available and fillable on our website

Click to access Iran-Visa-Form-101-Fillable2016.pdf

You then mail this into Washington, D.C.  along with you passport. Most people will need to pay an extra $58 for “accelerated service” to be sure to get their passport with the visa back in time. It usually takes around a week to get it back.

But, since the visa number is usually not issued until a month before your departure, many of our clients get nervous about the situation and ask when they will get the visa. This is understandable. But the fact is, EVERYBODY we have sent to Iran gets the visa, with the exception of journalists. They must apply for a different kind of visa and not a tourist visa .

The thing to keep in mind is that you WILL get the visa in time and that we will personally guide you through the whole process. That is one of the advantages of dealing with Iran Luxury Travel since travel to Iran is our only business and we know the ropes about getting a visa.