Iran, The Safest Country in the World for Americans to Visit.

There is no denying that recent terrorist attacks in the U.S., France, Egypt and in other parts of the world have made some Americans nervous about traveling abroad. Added to that, there is ongoing fighting in several parts of the Middle East, including the popular tourist destination of Turkey. All this makes many Americans want to stay home .

But I would suggest that if you do want to travel to a safe, fascinating country then Iran is the place to go. I know that may sound strange to some people but the fact is that not only do Iranians adore Americans but there is virtually no street crime or violence in Iran and no terrorism. There may be fighting and terrorism in neighboring countries, but these are a world away when you visit Iran. Just like most Americans do not worry about what is happening in Mexico, even near our border.

But haven’t the Iranians arrested people and put them in prison? Unfortunately, there have been a few cases of Iranian-Americans being arrested under what appear to be trumped up charges. These arrests have more to do with internal Iranian conflicts and a schism between the more “conservative” and more “progressive” forces within the country. This is not to excuse such arrests, but they have absolutely nothing to do with American or European tourists visiting Iran. This group has had no problems whatsoever.

One of the most surprising aspects of any american’s visit to Iran is how popular he or she is with everyday Iranian people. Iranians are anxious to meet and exchange ideas with Americans and many Iranians speak English. If not, your guide will act as interpreter.

And, don’t forget, all our tours are custom-made. This means you can choose when to go, how long to stay and which places you want to visit. And, amazingly enough, our prices for these custom, private tours are generally lower than other tour providers charge for group tours.

It does seem strange that a country like Iran. one of the safest in the world, is avoided by most American travelers, even sophisticated ones, for being¬†dangerous. European tourists, on the other hand, have caught on to the fact that Iran is not only safe, but also very affordable, with luxury hotels costing a fraction of what they do elsewhere .And don’t forget that this is a country with 16 Unesco World Heritage Sites.

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