Iran Tourism for Americans is Still Wide Open

Despite what you may think, Iran is still a good tourist destination for Americans (and all other nationalities, for that matter).  Yes, Iran has been demonized during the almost 3 years of the Trump administration. You would think that it was 15 Iranians rather than 15 Saudis who were part of the 9/11 bombing plot.

It is reasonable to believe that since Donald Trump lies about just about everything, whatever he says about Iran should be taken with several pounds of salt. Iran is actually very different from what most Americans think it is. It is a peaceful country whose well-educated population enjoys meeting American tourists. And it has 21 Unesco World Heritage sites, number 10 in the world.

In addition, Iran is a travel bargain now, with luxury hotels at rock-bottom prices. And, very important, they have gotten very good in issuing tourist visas. Just this week, 2 of our clients mailed their passports to Washington for visa stamps and got them back in 9 days.

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