Iran as a Tourist Destination for Americans

We were watching the news on TV today and they showed a map of the Middle East on the screen. Among the countries in the region – several of which are or have been major tourist destinations – Iran is definitely the safest place to travel. Other countries in the region, such as Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon. And Iran, with 19, has more Unesco World Heritage sites than either Turkey or Egypt. Of course, the most famous of the 19 is Persepolis. But our tours typically include around 10 of the 19 and, if you have your mind set on it we can arrange for you to visit all of them.

Since of the first questions we get about touring Iran is whether it is safe for Americans to travel there, I can truly say that Americans, in particular, are extremely popullar in Iran and that there is virtually no crime or violence at all within the country.

It does sort of boggle the mind that Americans are still flocking to Turkey, albeit in diminished numbers, while a tour to Iran for Americans is still much more rare.