Iran Travelogue # 2 – “How did we get started?”

“How did we get started?”

Since Steve, as a volunteer “travel consultant”, had planned and arranged group trips to almost a dozen countries while we were in Santa Fe — to places like Turkey, Bolivia, Indonesia, Cuba and France among others — he felt that it might be possible to start a private tour business helping other Americans who are interested in traveling to Iran.

His goal was to make travel for two with a driver and a guide and staying in top-notch hotels and no more costly than other companies were charging for a group tour. Of course, we could offer group tours as well, at an even lower cost.

But was this possible we wondered? The only way to find out was to go there and see for ourselves. After a few weeks of hard work, Steve had set up a trip for the two of us similar to what we envisioned offering with our new enterprise, Iran Luxury Travel.

From that beginning, we are now open for business, ready to help other Americans catch our excitement, awe and enthusiasm for this amazingly modern, yet ancient land.”

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