Iran Travelogue # 24 – Traveling in Iran – It’s A Small World

Traveling in Iran

Traveling in Iran – It Will Surprise and Delight You

The last full day we drove to the village of Gameroud and stayed at the small Hotel Navizar where we met the proprietor, Ahmad Afshin Far.

Ahmad had spent time in the U.S. at— of all places —the University of North Carolina, the state we would return to the following day!

Sitting on the deck of the hotel that evening, surrounded by glacial peaks, the sun playing artist with the blue and purple reflections on every side, we talked with Ahmad and a German man who was spending two weeks walking across Iran by himself, covering about 25 km. each day on his solitary adventure.

Later that night Ahmad made us one of the best meals of the trip, delicious large trout caught from a nearby stream.

So, in the end we would say that Iran has something for everyone. But no matter what, it will surprise and delight.

After our return-trip the next day, we felt buoyed by our adventures, filled with the possibilities for sharing what we had seen and learned about this fascinating country with other Americans. And above all, hopeful that we could turn our dream into reality.