It is now easier and faster to get a visa for Iran. And prices for tours have dropped sharply.

Today we learned that in response to the hostile behavior of the Trump administration towards the Iranians, the Iranian foreign affairs  ministry has decided to accelerate the granting of visas to Americans. Of course, this can also benefit the Iranians in that it would bring in foreign currency, which Iran urgently needs. But it is also an effort to spite the Trump administration and let Americans come to Iran and see for themselves that Iran is not very much like the way it has been portrayed in American media.

We continue to emphasize that Iran is arguably the safest country in the world for American tourists to visit. It is also a country where American tourists are extremely popular on a personal basis.

At the same time we will soon be posting our new and sharply reduced prices for all tours to Iran.

Now is a great time to take advantage of these circumstances.