Jewish Group from The Forward Set to Tour Iran

A couple of months ago, the Jewish publication The Forward sent one of their reporters, Larry Cohler-Esses to Iran to report on Jewish life there. That fact in and of itself has surprised many people who were not aware that there was Jewish life in Iran. While we don’t know how many Jews live in Iran today – the estimate is anywhere between 8,000 to 25,000 – it is generally agreed that Iran has the second highest Jewish population in the Middle East.

Here is a link to the article from the Forward:

Then a few weeks after that another Forward reporter, Nathan guttman, wrote an article about our business, Iran Luxury Travel. If you want to read about why a Jewsih guy from Brooklyn is running tours to IRan, then read the article.

Now a very exciting tour is in the works. The Forward is offering a tour of Iran for its readers and donors for May of 2016, with an emphasis on meetings with Iranian Jews ,attending Friday night services in Tehran and Isfahan and having meetings and dialogue with Muslim clerics. The whole project is very exciting and perhaps it will open up a seemingly counter-intuitive type of tourism – Jewish tourism to Iran. Stay tuned.

By the way, if you do go to visit the tomb of Esther and Mordechai in Hamadan, please keep in mind that the Rabbi/custodian of the tomb collects fountain pens (really).




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