Lots of Interest in Touring Iran from Other Countries

First of all, Iran Luxury Travel wishes everybody who may be interested in touring Iran a Happy New Year. We are hoping that 2016 will be a good year for Americans to tour Iran. With the relaxation of the sanctions starting to kick in, Iran should be on the top of every adventurous traveler’s to-do list. How many other countries boast a total of 19 Unesco World Heritage Sites, quite a few of which can be visited on one of our custom-made tours?

Not only is Iran the safest country to travel in in the Middle East but arguably one of the safest countries to travel in in the whole world. Of course, many Americans do not feel this way and are put off by the idea of travel to Iran. Some Americans may even get Iran and Iraq confused.

Europeans, however, as well as citizens of other countries, have no such qualms about touring Iran. For Europeans Iran is an easy 5-hour non-stop flight from countries such as Italy, Germany, France and Russia.

What is interesting to us is that recently we have been getting quite a few inquiries from individuals and travel agents in other countries. In the past 3-4 weeks we have had inquiries from such diverse places as Canada, Portugal, Australia and Indonesia. In fact, a single traveler from Australia has just completed a 1-week tour of Iran with Iran Luxury Travel. His trip was very successful. And, we have a couple from Portugal scheduled to travel with us later in January.

Given all the improved conditions in Iran and relations between the United States and Iran heading towards some sort of reconciliation, it would be gratifying if we could expand our American tourist business in Iran this year.

With that aim in mind, we plan to be contacting some American newspapers and magazines to see if we can get them interested in forming tour groups to Iran from among their readers. The New York Times has been offering Iran tours to their readers for a while, so why not other publications? And, of course, the cost of a New York Times sponsored trip with a large group is actually higher than the price of one of our very similar tours for a group of only 2 people traveling together. And we only use the best hotels in each of the cities visited. So we urge you to seriously consider a trip to Iran in the new year.




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