New Prices for All Tours Have Been Posted

We have posted the most recent prices for all our tours. You can see them by looking up each individual tour on this website. In broad terms, prices for small-group tours have gone down by around $1,000 per person and some of the prices for larger group have gone down by up to $2,000 per person. Considering the fact that these tours were probably the lowest priced available anywhere for small-group luxury tours, including tours for just 1 or 2 people, this represents a terrific travel bargain. By the way, when we say “luxury” tours we mean staying at the very best available hotels in each city you visit – the Grand Hotel in Shiraz and the Espinas in Tehran, for example, hotels which compare favorably to luxury hotels anywhere in the world. It also means having your own private, English-certified guide and your own private air-conditioned vehicle.

Why have these prices gone down so radically? Unfortunately, the answer is that the Iranian currency, the Rial, has also gone down radically. This is due to American pressure on Iran and the Iranian people. Without arguing the politics of this, we can say that individual Americans are tremendously popular in Iran and that the Iranian people are able to make a sharp distinction between the American people and the American Government. They assume, correctly, that American tourists visiting Iran most likely do not agree with their own government’s policy.

At the same time, Iran remains what is probably the safest country in the world to visit today.

When compared to countries like Egypt and Turkey, where American tourists flock in much greater numbers, there is absolutely no comparison.

Even the visa process for American and other tourists has been speeded up in recent days/

There is no better time to travel to Iran and see for yourself what it is really like.