Our New Rail Tours are Now Online

Exciting news for rail fans. Iran Luxury Travel is proud to announce 3 exclusive and unique rail tours of Iran.

Private Luxury Train Tours of Iran

Each tour covers a different part of the huge Iranian landscape, although, of course, all three itineraries cover the top tourist sites of Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd.

The tours are all on the very best modern Iranian National Railway trains. They are NOT on private tourist trains. You will travel in the luxury of your private compartment but will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with ordinary Iranians. You will be amazed how friendly Iranians are, especially, believe it or not, to Americans.

Your own personal guide will be accompanying you throughout the tour.



Yes! You Can...

  • No US restrictions - Travel Any Time!
  • Private Luxury Tours at Group Tour Prices.
  • World Heritage Sites & Luxury Hotels.

If You Want to See the Beauty and History of Ancient Persia for Yourself
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