How to Pack for a Tour to Iran

Obviously, the first question about how to pack for a trip to Iran is “When are you going?” If you are traveling in the hot months – it gets progressively hotter in June, July and august – then be prepared for extremely hot, dry weather. All hotels are air-conditioned, except in smaller, out-of-the-way towns. And the vehicle you travel in will be air-conditioned. But in order to tour the major sites such as Persepolis, you will encounter a lot of hot weather. This weather can be best compared to being outdoors in Las Vegas during the summer months.

If you are going in the winter months, the opposite holds true. And don’t forget – Iran is a huge country, 2 1/2 times the size of Texas, so while it may be hot in the South of Iran, it will be a lot cooler in the North. If you travel during the winter, you might even want to bring along ski clothing, since there is good skiing ¬†close to Tehran during the winter.

You should definitely bring along an electrical adapter. These are inexpensive and can be easily purchased on Amazon. If you like real coffee you should probably bring some with you because in Iran they mostly serve Nescafe or tea, and real coffee is hard to come by. We took along ground coffee and a small drip apparatus.

But don’t worry if you fail to take along some article of clothing that you later find out that you need. Just about anything can be purchased in Iran (aside from alcohol) and ¬†some very nice things are for sale in shops in the large cities.



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