The Present Tourist Situation in Iran

Iran remains one of the safest countries in the world to travel in. Unfortunately, after the Trump administration tried to ban visitors from Iran from entering the United States the Iranians decided to counter by banning Americans from Iran. This ban was lifted around April 1 and Americans are now free to visit Iran once again. We were forced to cancel several tours in the interim.

It remains true that many, even most, Americans are not aware that there are no restrictions on tourist travel to Iran. As to whether Americans are safe or welcome there,  I can honestly say that we have never visited a country in which, believe it or not, Americans were more popular.

This does seem counter-intuitive but, having visited over 80 countries, I do believe it is true. It is true that there are relatively few American tourists going to Iran, especially compared to Europeans. In the past 3-4 months we have provided tours to  groups from Poland, Australia and even Iceland.

The New York Times is still apparently selling out their super-expensive tours for $7400 a person in groups of up to 20. These tours are even more expensive than what we charge for a private 2-person tour. Let’s hope that the situation improves in the near future.