Prices for All Tours Have Dropped

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Because of the sharp slide in recent months in the value of the Iranian currency, the Rial, the prices of our tours have dropped accordingly.

This usually averages out to a discount of 10% or more!

This means that the cost of our tours, which were already among the very best available for private luxury travel to Iran, are now even lower than they had been before.

This is good for the foreign tourist but, unfortunately, not so good for the Iranian people, who, through no fault of their own, have seen their currency slide to new lows because of the American-imposed sanctions.

In our opinion, this is a very sad situation in which Iran, which by all accounts, has complied with the nuclear treaty negotiated by John Kerry under President Obama, are now seeing themselves punished for no good reason. Perhaps the adage – No good deed goes unpunished – should be applied?

Please check with us (call 1-919-726-2044,) to ask us about our new lower prices for all our Iran tours.