Radical Drop in Prices for All Iran Tours

The Trump-imposed sanctions have unfortunately bit into the value of the Iranian currency, the Rial. As a result, the prices for all our tours have decreased by around 25% off the prices that you see posted on our website.  In other words, the prices listed for each tour itinerary on our website are the NON-DISCOUNTED prices. You can assume that the present price will be in the neighborhood of 25% less. Contact us for actual price information. We have not posted these new prices on our website because these prices have been changing rapidly, mainly going down.

Iran remains one of the safest places in the world for Americans (and anyone else) to travel to as tourists. But, of course, this fact runs against the popular wisdom that the opposite is true. It can  also be said that Americans, in particular, are extremely popular in Iran on an individual basis. Iranians are not crazy about the American government under Trump, but they are easily sophisticated enough to differentiate between the government and the people. American tourists can expect to be approached in the streets and invited to share tea or meals with ordinary Iranians. The Iranian people, through no fault of their own, are being made to suffer under the sanctions, even though it is acknowledged by all parties that they have kept their part of the bargain in adhering to the terms of the nuclear treaty negotiated by John Kerry during the Obama administration. The Iranian people were promised that if they gave up their nuclear program their lives would improve. They did do this and continue to do so, but their lives have gotten worse.

If the North Koreans, for example, would agree to terms similar to those that the Iranians agreed to Trump would hail this as a great breakthrough. And it does seem strange that while Americans still flock to places like Egypt and Turkey, which have been dangerous for foreign tourists, Iran has been shunned in recent months because of some imaginary perils.

And, while the Saudis, who have kidnapped, tortured and killed American residents and citizens, get favored treatment from the Trump administration, the Iranians, who have been comparatively benign in their behavior towards us in recent years have been labelled a “terrorist” enemy. It was not 15 out of 19 Iranians, after all, who blew up the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 or who are imposing terrible restrictions on their female citizens. While no one can pretend that Iran is a liberal paradise, it is a country that has relatively free elections and treats their female citizens 10 times better than the Saudis do. And yet the Saudi are “good” and the Iranians are “bad”.

We beg to differ. If you want to find out for yourself what Iran is like and, at the same time, experience one of the most beautiful fascinating and friendly countries on Earth (and one with great luxury hotels, as well) now is a terrific time to travel to Iran.