Some Lesser Known Things to Experience in Iran

Within the text of our tour descriptions we have, of course, described and provided photos of the most famous sights of Iran, such as Persepolis and the Great Square in Isfahan, both of which are Unesco World Heritage sites. However, a tour of Iran can also provide some unexpected surprises and these can turn out to be some of the highlights of your trip.

For example, we went to visit a synagogue in Isfahan. It was a short walk from the Grand Bazaar. Our guide had to keep asking people on the street how to get to the synagogue, even though it was very close to where we were at the time. What we found was a working Jewish synagogue in the heart of Isfahan. The people we met there, when asked how life was for Jews in today’s Iran, said that things were pretty good and that they were free to practice their religion.

Unfortunately, we were not able to be there for a Friday night service. But a few of the tourists we have sent to Iran have been able to do so.