The Safest Tourist Destination in the World?

I was recently with some friends in New York, fairly well-traveled and educated people. When I told them about Iran Luxury Travel and how we send tourists to Iran to see what that country is really like, they responded with the two things that I am used to hearing – “I didn’t know that Americans can travel to Iran” and “Isn’t it dangerous for Americans to travel to Iran”. What was particularly annoying about this interaction was that these people had just returned from a trip to Cancun, Mexico. As you may know, Cancun is a very popular tourist area in the Yucatan, but one where foreign tourists have been targeted and exposed to violence by local criminals. It is a pretty dangerous area.
Iran, on the other hand, has never had any violence or danger for tourists. It is arguably one of the safest countries in the world for foreign tourists. Yet, Iran has been demonized as a rogue nation and Americans have been warned not to go there.
Admittedly, it is an uphill battle to convince people that this is truly the case. But we would urge people, and especially Americans, to travel to Iran and see for yourselves what it is really like. You will find a friendly and cultured people with an ancient civilization who want nothing more than to receive the economic benefits that they were promised for signing on to the Obama/Kerry nuclear treaty, a treaty that according to all evidence they have maintained.
Since the United States has done its best to destroy Iran’s currency, prices for luxury tours of Iran have dropped into the basement. This is bad for the Iranian people but good for foreign tourists.
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