The State of Tourism in Iran

People may not be surprised to learn that travel to Iran has been a tougher sell since Trump unilaterally opted out of the nuclear treaty and began to make life as hard as possible for the Iranian people.
It would be easy to forget that according to all published reports the Iranians have kept their side of the treaty and the world has become a much safer place because of that.
Despite all that, we are still sending Americans (and other nationalities) to Iran. Just not as many as before. The Iranians are still granting tourist visas to Americans and Iran remains one of the safest places in the world for American to visit.
As I have written before, out of the 80 plus countries I have visited, I have never been to one where Americans were more popular.
I have also never been to a country whose reality on the ground has been more distorted by Americans than is the reality of Iran.
Americans would be well advised to learn something of the history of U.S. – Iran relations, starting with the 1953 American-engineered coup, which was called Operation Ajax.
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The cost of visiting Iran has also gone down because of the drop of their currency.
Now is the time to visit.