Three Questions about Travel

If you were to pose three questions about international travel today, the answers might surprise you.
1. Can American tourists travel to Iran?
Yes, nothing has changed. American tourists are still welcome in Iran and the visa process is still fairly straightforward. Americans are still popular in Iran on a personal basis. The American government, not so much.
2. What is one of the safest countries in the world that Americans can travel to?
Iran has to be near or on the top of the list. While Americans flock in large numbers to some pretty dangerous places, Mexico being a prime example, Iran is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world today.
3. Which countries represent the greatest travel bargains in the world today?
Again, Iran is on or near the top of the list. Due to the deterioration of the Iranian currency, the Rial, foreign tourists can tour Iran on private guided tours and stay in extremely luxurious hotels, like the Grand Hotel Shiraz . Shiraz is the jumping-off place for visiting Persepolis, one of Iran’s 22 Unesco World Heritage sites.