We Are Now Also Offering Tours to Ethiopia

It is obvious to anyone who reads or listens to the news that this may not be the best time for anyone who is in the business of offering tours to Iran. This is a terrible shame, because, despite what you may read, Iran is a very pro-Western and pro-American (on a personal basis) country, one which can be called one of the safest travel destinations in the world for tourists to visit.

The Iranians are now being criticized for not adhering to an agreement that the Americans stopped agreeing to unilaterally a year ago. In other words, it is OK for the Americans to not fulfill their part of the bargain, but the Iranians are somehow obligated to fulfill their part even though they are deriving none of the benefits.

All this being said, we have started to run tours to another, very different part of the world, namely, Ethiopia. Please have a look at our website


and let us know what you think. Ethiopia, along with Iran, remains a very peaceful country and one that in our humble opinion is the most interesting to visit among the 54 countries of Africa.